Why Not Just Tear It Down?

Why Not Just Tear It Down?

Believe it or not, we had a well known business leader in the community ask us this yesterday.  Why not just tear it down?  Why spend all of this time, energy, resources, money on restoring a hundred year old building when you could just tear it down and start over?

Well, we thought about that.  BUT, there is something to the history of what we currently have.  There’s something about restoration of life.  There’s something about redemption of the things that society has thrown away.  Our culture is so quick to toss things away and declare them worthless.  We felt like there is something special to be gained by saving a historic building like the Venice City Opera House and restoring it to its former grandeur.  We hope that the public agrees.  We hope that you agree.

In the meanwhile, this video was shared with us the other day and we felt like it epitomized the reason we wish to bring the Opera back to Venice, California.  Young talent like this is so important to foster.  It is our responsibility to do exactly like that.  Watch this and be amazed!

This young lady is the future of what opera is in America and throughout the world.  We look forward to the day when our beautiful restoration will be used to host these young singers.  We look forward to the day when we will have a full auditorium of children from local schools listening to and watching the drama unfold on stage, and dreaming of the day when they can be seen and heard in front of hundreds and thousands of people.

We appreciate your support folks.

Some of you have asked about the surprises we found in the hidden safe that was discovered.  As we told you before, our friend John, at www.showmesafe.com came out to safely crack open the safe without destroying it.  We are in the middle of some authentications and will share more when we feel like the timing is right.  Thanks for your inquiry.