The Hidden Safe

Well, as many of you know, many famous entertainers performed in the Venice City Opera House during it’s prime years in the early 1900’s.  In it’s more recent history, many contemporary artists, playwrights and other performers have graced it’s stage.  But, for the last 40 or so years it has set vacant.

The Venice Opera is filled with relics of from the past, including a safe hidden below the stage that we were able to find. Due to the curiosity surrounding the safe and without any idea what the original combination was, we called old friends in Missouri.  One of the nation’s best safe crackers, John Bannon with Show Me Safe, has been in safe repair, safe opening, and safe moving in Springfield MO for over 20 years.  John was able to carve some time out to come to sunny SoCal and help us discover the history of our Venice Opera House safe, and get it opened up for us.  We’ll reveal in a later blog the significant contents of the safe!

“You know when you smell odors of homemade apple pie, it reminds you of memories of Grandma’s house with a lattice pie sitting on the buffet,” Jones says. “It’s pretty much the same thing that we have here. When you start seeing all of these things as they’re pulled out, you are reminded of how things once were and it takes you back.”

Although estimates have put the cost of the renovation as above $5 million, this will not be an issue toward holding up progress from completion by the expected time.

Jones says that the Opera House will not lose it’s original charm and quality over the duration of the restoration.  In fact, he says, that the quality of the theater will surpass the original as they seek it to become a major venue in the L.A. region for opera.

Venice City Opera House Restoration